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Sometimes love needs a helping hand. Thankfully, Find Happy are here to help you every step of the way. From our vast database of singles in Shetland and right across the UK to our helpful support team and informative blog. We are here every step of the way.

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At Find Happy, our mission is clear: to transform online dating into a joyful, straightforward adventure. Dive into a world where you can choose from a diverse pool of singles in the UK, or if you prefer, venture into a more intimate experience through our exclusive sites tailored for mature singles, Christians, or single parents.

We take pride in fostering a vibrant and welcoming community. With our dedicated staff by your side, Find Happy thrives as a hub of like-minded individuals seeking connections, romance, and companionship.

Online dating facts

Online Dating's Beginnings: Online dating as we know it today started in 1995 with the launch of Since then, the industry has grown exponentially.

Profile Picture Matters: Profiles with clear and attractive photos are more likely to receive messages. In fact, profiles with photos receive about 10 times more attention than those without.

Username Impact: Choosing a unique and positive username can make a big difference. People with usernames that start with letters higher in the alphabet tend to get more messages.

Peak Activity: Online dating platforms typically see a surge in activity on Sundays and Mondays, with users looking for potential matches for the week ahead.

Age Preferences: Studies show that men tend to prefer dating younger women, while women often prefer dating men their age or slightly older.

Long-Distance Love: Around 33% of long-distance relationships start online. Online dating makes it easier for people to connect across geographical distances.

First Messages: Women are more likely to respond to messages that mention common interests, while men tend to receive more responses when they use direct compliments.

These facts and statistics highlight the ever-evolving world of online dating, with its unique trends, challenges, and opportunities for finding love and companionship.

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