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To give or not to give – Valentines’ gift guide for new relationships

Valentine’s Day gifts are always a tricky subject. What to get and how much to spend are frequent problems most people face. But when you are in a new relationship, gift buying can be a far more complex issue.

Valentine’s Day comes at an interesting time of the year. The New Year is the time when more people find themselves in a relationship, often as a result of increased social activates over the holiday period or resolutions to get out there and make things happen. This leaves lots of people with the same dilemma…

Should you buy a gift or maybe just a card? What if you buy a card and your other half splashes out on an expensive gift? How about just getting a funny gift or making a romantic gesture? Getting this wrong early on in a relationship can spell disaster before it has really gotten off the ground. Here are our top tips to avoid Valentine’s Day embarrassment…

1. At the very least, you should do SOMETHING on Valentine’s Day. A simple meal is a perfect date. A meal either at a restaurant or a more intimate meal at home gives you the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company with no pressure. Even if there are no gifts exchanged, you have still acknowledged your relationship with a simple date night.

2. A card is pretty much essential. Not even giving a card sends out all the wrong signals that you don’t even consider this a proper relationship. Try to judge your relationship and pen your message accordingly. Nothing too strong though, you don’t want to scare off your partner off or put them under too much pressure so early on in your relationship!

3. So, you’ve made arrangements to meet. You have a card. What if he/she turns up with a gift? What if you turn up with a gift and they don’t reciprocate? Our top tip is to play it safe. Buy or make a modest gift. Something like after-shave or perfume is perfect. Ideally your gift will be small enough to conceal in a jacket pocket or handbag. Wrap it nicely but don’t go overboard. Having a gift means you are prepared for all eventualities. If you turn up and your partner presents you with a gift or is carrying a bag which appears to contain a gift, you have something prepared avoiding any embarrassment for both parties.

4. If you turn up and there are no gifts then you can either keep quiet and leave your gift safely concealed (top tip: if money is tight you can carefully unwrap your gift at home and return it for a refund) or, because you have chosen something fairly modest, you can choose to give your gift anyway without fear that it will make the night awkward.

4. Finally if it all does go horribly wrong, remember that laughter is the best medicine. When you are celebrating your tenth anniversary in a decade’s time, that first comedy gift gone wrong will be a source of humour rather than a deal breaker!

February 10, 2016