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Ten Foods Not To Eat On A First Date

So you’re on your first date and you, of course, want to make the best impression you can. You’ve decided to get something to eat though, and perhaps unwittingly put yourself in danger of completely making a fool of yourself. Some would say there’s nothing wrong with a bit of humour in a date, but there’s a difference between a slight mishap that makes for an amusing tale afterwards, and a catastrophic embarrassment that completely ruins the mood.

You want to look your best on your first date – so if at all possible just avoid the following foods:

1. Soup – there is just nothing about soup that won’t backfire. You cannot eat it gracefully, and the splashes and slurping that you know will happen despite your most dextrous attempts are just going to end up with stains across your clothing, the table and possibly even on your date. Just don’t do it.

2. Spaghetti – don’t be fooled by cartoon dogs. Lady and the Tramp has a lot to answer for, and there really is nothing romantic about watching someone try to suck up loose strands or hear their cutlery scrape as they try to scoop up those last bits. Add to that sauces that are absolutely guaranteed to go everywhere and you’ve a food item that’s almost as bad as soup.

3. Corn on the Cob – you know, even before you start, that you’re going to get bits stuck between your teeth, so why try? You’ll then be spending the rest of the date trying to work out what you’ve got stuck where, and why your date hasn’t mentioned anything. Are they being polite, or seeing how long it will take you to notice?

4. Tacos and burritos – this is another type of food that is practically designed to fall apart and make a mess everywhere as soon as you touch it. Most of the contents of your shell or wrap is going to end up all over your plate if you’re lucky, and all over you if things go as usual.

5. Carbonated drinks – this may seem an odd choice, as they tend to be refreshing and most people can handle drinking out of glasses – but consider that all those bubbles are going to end up reappearing one way or another. You’ll either end up feeling bloated, or find yourself in an impromptu burping contest, and no one wants that.

6. Burgers – you really shouldn’t be eating with your hands on a first date and there’s no two ways about it but burgers are messy. Even gourmet handmade burgers are covered in oil, sauce and mayonnaise, while the tomato is almost certain to make a break for freedom down your front. Let’s face it, burgers also just are not a classy first date option.

7. Barbecue Chicken Wings – Not only are we back on the eating with your hands bit, but there’s just no way to eat these things and keep clean. If you try to eat them with a knife and fork, you’ll just look ridiculous – and if you attack them with your hands you’ll end up looking like a toddler covered in sauce and your date is not going to be keen on you cleaning your hands on them.

8. Leafy Greens – while you might think that salad is a safe option, beware the rogue piece of leaf that is almost certain to wedge right between your front two teeth like a little flag. Like a flag, it’ll take all the attention away from you.

9. Spicy Food – this might seem like it’s a bit of a drastic approach to just adopt a blanket ban on spicy food but it can be all too easy to choose something far too hot to handle and then that’s going to set your nose running and totally ruin any chance of keeping calm and composed.

10. Ice cream cones – these seem to be enjoying a renaissance in fine dining circles, bringing an element of fun to the end of the meal, but don’t be fooled. They are a trap and you will be judged on the flavours that you choose. In addition you can be sure that the warm environment of the restaurant will melt them all over your hands, your clothes and if you’re really unlucky, your date as well. Leave the ice cream cones for walks in the park when you’re more used to each other.


December 16, 2014