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Why Autumn is the best time to find love

Ten Reasons Autumn Is the Best Time to Find Love

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”, said William Cullen Bryant famously. Honestly, words fail us when we try to describe the beauty of the falling leaves, the crisp chill in the air that makes you want to cuddle up in warm clothes yet still go out to enjoy the great outdoors, and the changing colors of autumn. Winter’s around the corner and autumn is Mother Nature’s last splash of color before blankets of snow envelop everything in sight.


More often than not, these cool autumn days can make you want to be with your “special someone” to cuddle up with or to simply enjoy the lovely weather with. And if you’re someone who’s managed to convince yourself that your cat, warm socks and music are the best company you could possibly need, stop and think! Because really, who are you kidding? We’ve all been through those days of looking at coupled-up friends and going through our phases of “boyfriend blues” or “girlfriend blues” (as the case may be), wishing for that one person to be in love with!


But take heart, because such things can get to even the best of us. After all, love makes the world go around and there’s only so many romantic songs and stories and coupled-up friends you can take before finally letting your repressed desire for a partner burst through!


What’s Love Got to Do With It?

If you’ve been reading thus far, you probably have a very valid question. What do autumn and love have to do with each other? Well, it may come as a surprise to some of you, but turns out, autumn is the best time to give love a chance! It’s the perfect time to go looking for a partner, giving you enough time to pick someone with ample time left for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.


Let’s take a more detailed look at why autumn could be the best season for love:


Fall Weather Gets You in the Mood!

Like we said, there’s something indescribably beautiful about the weather in autumn. The prevalent cold makes you wish for someone warm to hold on to, while the beauty outside makes you wish you had someone to share it with, and the cool, calm and sober atmosphere of autumn could end up influencing the way your mind works, letting you better get your head in the game.


Summer Is a Tough Time to Find Love!

You’ve also probably spent your summer months living life on the wild side. Therefore, by the time fall arrives, you’re probably tired of your lifestyle and want to take a break from all the partying; a phenomenon that is probably helped along by the fall weather. Done with flings and one-night stands in the summer, you’re probably looking for a more steady relationship during the fall simply because you’re still hungover from summer. After all, don’t we all want to be fussed over at some point?


Apart from this, summer is the time of flaunting toned “bikini bodies” and the “washboard abs”. Physical attraction is a hard thing to fight at such times and it’s at this time that our inner animals awaken. During this time, it’s natural to want to be with someone but on a more temporary basis as opposed to fall.


Making it Through Winter

While it may be somewhat immature to say that the season should influence your dating schedule, it makes sense on some level to realize that the colder the weather, the more you want to cuddle with someone. Thus, your physical proximity with each other is easier and more natural, as opposed to hotter months. And the best part? Physical closeness also helps strengthen emotional and mental bonds.


The Season of Pumpkins

Autumn is the season of pumpkins, what with Halloween being around the corner. But did you know that the smell of pumpkin can help lead to a better sex life? Studies show that a combination of smells such as pumpkin pie and lavender increased blood flow to the sex organs by 40%! Like we really needed another excuse to attend Halloween parties?


The Fall Fashion

Who doesn’t like a bit of shopping? In fact, autumn is such a huge deal that most leading fashion houses release fall collections with super elegant yet super warm clothes that are highly attractive. And guess what? Like we said, looking attractive leads to increased chances of being the object of attraction. So go ahead, you know you want to splurge!


Halloween Parties

Yes, pumpkin pie is a good enough reason. However, Halloween parties are the perfect social events to meet new people and start conversations. That person under the “Friday the 13th” mask or the other dressed as Cleopatra just might be someone you want to grab a coffee with. So pull out the costumes and get going!


The Great Outdoors

Autumn is a season that presents you with many opportunities to enjoy the weather. Activities such as wine tours, apple-picking, or even just walking through piles of fallen leaves while sipping a hot drink let you enjoy each other’s company without distractions and set the scene for a cosy, intimate afternoon.


A Perfect Time to Start

Another reason that makes autumn a great time to start looking for a new partner is for the simple reason that if you guys make it through the next couple of months, you now have a steady date for the million Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties! This also gives you both time to get to know each other around more personal settings as opposed to in wild parties that you probably won’t remember the next day.


Be a Sport!

When we say that, we mean quite literally, because autumn is the season when most sports are in peak season, such as the NFL. This means that you’re more likely to find more men or women (who said sports are only for men?) in bars on the weekends, enjoying a cold beer and the game. Get geared up in a team outfit and go strike up a conversation!


The Last of the Sunshine

Remember the part about autumn being the “last smile” and all that? Well, this means that absolutely everyone, unless you’re Edward Cullen or any of his clan, is making the best of the almost-wintry sunlight. More people are going to be out and about in parks or out on walks, enjoying the sunshine before winter swallows it up. After all, park benches have been immortalized thanks to “Notting Hill” and the various other romantic-movie posters that feature them. Now you know why!


The Final Word

Love may be endless but unfortunately, our article has to be! Now that you know why autumn is the best time to find love, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your own “Love Story” this autumn. After all, the 500 days of summer are done and dusted and it’s time to give autumn a chance. Bonne chance!


November 3, 2017